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Welcome to the improved Supply & Administration page!

Here you will find an improved 261st Roster and period correct documents for download. The Personnel File Center is a new online database for our members. This database allows each re-enactor to access their personnel files, which consist of initial applications, promotions, and any awards you have received while at Fort Miles. I am very excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of people, and to learn more about the history of what is in my own backyard.

LT Anthony Valenti
Administrative Officer, 261CA

Unit Staff Position Announcements

As staff positions become available in the unit, they will be announced in the Position Postings section of the Personnel File Center.  You can review the positions currently available by following the link to the right.


HOW TO APPLY  (Unit Staff Positions Only.  For membership application, click here)  

Applicants must complete an HDD Form 100 Unit Application Form if they are not a current member of the 261st Coast Artillery.  All applications must include an HDD Form 102 and an HDD Form 103.  Completed applications must also include a cover letter indicating the intent of the applicant, how they plan to execute the duties outlined, and what qualities they can bring to the position.
Completed applications must be sent to

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