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Battery 22 - Batt C, 261 CAC
Battery 26 - Batt B, 261 CAC

When the 261st Coast Artillery mobilized to build a temporary facility at Cape Henlopen, they were pulling their 155MM guns along with them.  Three days after setting up camp, they were informed that their training exercise would become a permanent assignment and were instructed to establish a battery of 155MM guns on the coast.  Battery B would establish a second battery of 155MM guns on the Cape May side of the bay on 30 June, 1941.  The weapons were built on concrete "Panama Mounts" which would allow for an additional 120 degrees of fire, thus making the weapons more effective.  The mounts were first used in defense of the Panama Canal, hence the name.  The panama mounts still exist near the beach bath house today.  The 155MM batteries were removed in February 1944.

FM 4-25 SOP 155MM

Report of Completed Works
Battery 22
Battery 26
155 MM Gun at Fort Miles.
There were a total of 8 of these weapons guarding the Delaware Bay entrance (4 at Fort Miles and 4 at Cape May).  The 155 MM guns were among the first weapons on the coastlines of Delaware and New Jersey at the outbreak of WWII.  Photo: Fort Miles Archives
The table to the right gives statistical data for the 155MM and the ordnance fired.
Information source: Fort Miles Archives

155MM Panama Mount (Gun #1, Battery 22) at Cape Henlopen State Park.  The boardwalk for the Beach Bathhouse is built directly over the mount.  All 4 gun mounts are still in existence.  Photo:  FM Archives


Number Produced Unknown

Ordnance Data

Caliber 155 MM (6.1 inch) Projectile Weight 95 lbs
Weight 25960 lbs Projectile Length 29.28 inches
Powder Charge 25.25 lbs Stored at Battery Unknown
Powder Bags Weight - 25.25 lbs
Length - 37 inches
Width - 5.8 inches
Central Storage
(Not at battery)
Muzzle Velocity 2411 fps Battery Allowance Unknown
Maximum Range 17,700 yds War Reserve Unknown
Elevation 0 to + 35 degrees

Table Legend

HE - High Explosive
AP - Armor Piercing
N/A - Information Not Applicable.

Traverse 60 degrees (carriage)
180 deg (panama mt)
Crew 18
Barrel Life 3000 rounds
Report of Completed Works


Utilities (cont'd)

Battery Commenced 15 DEC 1941 Electrical Source NONE
Battery Completed 15 JUN 1942 Installed by N/A
Date of Transfer 14 APR 1944 Electrical Characteristics N/A
Cost to Date $21,480.00 No of Units and Capacity N/A
Construction Material Reinforced Concrete (mounts) Max KW req'd for utils. N/A
Battery New or Modernized NEW Max KW req'd for non battle conditions N/A
Trunnion Elevation in Battery 2 @ 19.8
2 @ 23.4
Commercial power provided N/A


Auxiliary power unit NO
Water Source NONE Type of Lighting Fixtures N/A
Alternate Water Source N/A Dehumidifying Unit NONE
Size of Main N/A How Ventilated N/A
Connected to Sewer NO How Heated NONE
Type of Disposal N/A

Table Legend

N/A - Not Applicable

Type of Latrine N/A
Support Structures
Plotting Room: Fire Control System at Battery
Fire Control Towers: N/A
Radars (SCR-296A): N/A


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