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Overall Post Map

This interactive map of Fort Miles allows you to see what the US Army originally built and is color coded to reveal what is left of it.  The floor plans of most gun batteries can be seen by zooming in on them.  Fort Miles was divided by military planners into 7 zones.  Each building was given an alpha numeric designation for identification.  This system allowed for an efficient infrastructure for a fortification that was literally a small city.

Interactive Fire Control Network Map

This interactive map shows fire control elements, batteries, and towers with a modern map overlay.  Thanks to FMHA member Dan Brown for putting the time and effort into creating this map application.

Additional Map Resources

File Name Type Description
ap1600 jpg Photo - Battery 519 Cantonment, 1582 feet
ap5000 jpg Photo - Battery 519 Cantonment, 5143 feet
chsp pdf Delaware State Parks infographic
topoctr png USGS Topographical Map, CHSP
topon png USGS Topographical Map, North CHSP (Point)
topos png USGS Topographical Map, Gordon's Pond
topow png USGS Topographical Map, West CHSP

Click on a zone to download a detailed map of that area. Zone maps can be viewed by Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 and up.

Click here to open up a key that is compatible with the maps to the right.

    All maps are property of Mike Rogers and Nate Davidson and may not be reproduced without permission.

Map of Zone 1
Map of Zone 3 Map of Zone 2
Map of Zone 4
Map of Zone 3
Map of Zone 5 Map of Zone 6
Map of Zone 7
The Fort Miles Historic Site at Cape Henlopen State Park

T-600 will see a pool table, ping pong, and a cabinet Victrola radio.
T-601 will once again be the Battery Commander's office.
T-602 (not pictured) was the latrine.  Modern day facilities will be built in its place to offer a clean restroom and shower facilities for re-enactors and full immersion camps.
T-603 will be restored to its original barracks configuration.
T-605 (not pictured) was the chow hall.  T-604 will be restored as a mess hall with concessions.
T-606 and T-607 will be restored as barracks.
The Fort Miles Orientation Building will be our modern day facility with a gift shop and a lecture hall.


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