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The mission of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware

Who We Are

While the unit is based in Delaware, the membership of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware (HDD) come from all over the Eastern Seaboard.  We are a like-minded group of individuals dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Fort Miles Historic Site, a WWII era coastal fortification which serves today as Cape Henlopen State Park near Lewes, Delaware.  Many of us either have or currently serve in the United States Armed Forces, while others are students or professionals serving our communities all sharing a common pride of our history as Americans.  

What We Do

We honor the Greatest Generation by wearing the uniforms of Headquarters Battery, 261st Separate Coast Artillery Battalion of the Delaware Army National Guard and the 1252nd Service Command Support Unit during the Second World War.  This extraordinary group of individuals were responsible for the defense of the Delaware Bay against Naval blockade by Nazi Germany's mighty Kriegsmarine.  As re-enactors, we strive to educate the public on the weapons systems, support systems, and the personnel employed at Fort Miles to meet that threat.

Command Philosophy
As a re-enactment unit, Members of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware Staff shall continuously strive to achieve the following:
To operate the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware as a functioning military unit, observing proper military customs and courtesies, chain of command, and regulations of the time period.
To accurately educate the public on the history of Fort Miles and the units of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware by acting as interpreters and educators in support of Delaware State Parks' goal to develop the Fort Miles Historic Site.
To accurately portray the 261st Coast Artillery and 1252nd SCSU by continuously utilizing all data available to us.
To place the needs of the members of the 261st Coast Artillery and the 1252nd SCSU above those of our own, thus ensuring their personal success and improving the quality of their impressions.
To provide decisive leadership and direction in the management of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware and its resources.
To plan, manage and execute all events in which the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware participates; and to accurately and consistently inform all members of said events by efficiently utilizing the chain of command.
To provide the excellence in efficiency, leadership and organization within the HDD by which other organizations are measured.
To aid and assist in any way possible the continuing restoration and preservation of all Fort Miles assets.
To protect and preserve all existing Fort Miles assets.

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