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Join the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware!

As a member of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware re-enactment group, you'll be volunteering for Delaware State Parks at the Fort Miles Historic Site.  This site is one of the most exciting examples of a coastal defense fortification on the east coast of the US, and is currently undergoing restoration by the State of Delaware.  When it is completed it will be one of the largest museums of its type in the country, complete with the only mounted 12 inch casemated gun on the east coast.  Fort Miles is currently home to 10 pieces of major caliber artillery ranging from 3-inch / 50 cal. AMTB guns all the way up to our 12-inch naval rifle - all of which need constant care and maintenance.  In order to keep these important exhibits in working order, we need volunteers.

Volunteers are the driving force behind the restoration and interpretation of this historic site.  Not only will you wear the uniform and learn the role of a cosmoliner in WWII, but you'll be an active part in making this museum a reality.

Sending Your Application

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for application processing.  This time is needed for background checks (required by Delaware State Parks), and to compile issued items to be sent with your startup kit. 

applicants will be notified via e-mail that their application has been approved and additional instructions will follow.

Joining up...
As a first year member, you will be assigned a sponsor.  This is usually a senior NCO that will work with you for your first year to make sure your impression meets unit requirements.  Since this is an expensive hobby, your sponsor will be able to help you save as much money as possible by purchasing only items approved for use at Fort Miles.  First year members will begin at the rank of Private.  After the first year has been completed, your sponsor and two officers will discuss your progress to date.  You will be automatically promoted to Private First Class after your first year of service.

Duties of a Member
As a member your duties will vary.  Part of the application process gives us an idea of your skills and interests, which will be used to determine what kind of duty assignment you will receive.   You may be working with artillery, operating and maintaining a 1942 Sperry searchlight, or running and maintaining communications wire throughout the post.  You may be working on restoring barracks buildings, or working to restore a massive concrete casemate to its WWII condition.  From desk jobs to gun crews, there is always plenty of work to be done.  Just remember that through all of it, we work and operate as the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware, which includes the 261st Coast Artillery and the 1252nd Service Command Support Unit (QMC).

Drills & Events
Every Saturday during the Summer Season (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware supports programs that take place at the Fort Miles Historic Site by acting as docents and interpreters.  Our membership provides a presence on site to educate the public about the history of Fort Miles and the service members who served there.  Additionally, HQ's 261st CA acts as the command and control element for major re-enactment events on site.  We also participate in several off-site events such as Wings and Wheels in Georgetown, Delaware, and Military Heritage Day at Fort DuPont, Delaware.   

Promotion and Awards
Promotions usually come in increments no shorter than one year, however, members that do exceptionally well may occasionally see promotions in less time.  Promotions in rank come to those that deserve and have worked hard for them.  Dedication to the project, dedication to the unit, volunteer hours and quality of impression all have a direct impact on your rank within the unit.  Additionally, awards are given to members that reach certain goals.  Time spent with the unit, performance on weapons, qualifications, and even emergency action are all eligible for awards.  Additionally, you can receive awards from Delaware State Parks for time spent working at Fort Miles such as duffle bags, fleece jackets, shirts, and more.

261st Coast Artillery and 7.Kpe GD with the 16-inch naval rifle at Fort Miles, Del.  Apr 2012

Apply Online

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Read the application cover letter.  This will guide you through the enlistment application.

Cover Letter

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This is an Adobe form.  DOWNLOAD and type information into the fields, then print.  This file can be saved for your records.

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More Questions?

Contact our Recruiter


Email our recruiter for more information.
Contact a Staff Member
E-MAIL Michael Rogers, 261CA Commander
E-MAIL Scott Wallen, 261CA Executive Officer
E-MAIL Donald Hattier, 1252 SCU-QMC NCOIC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the age requirement?
A:  The minimum age for becoming a full unit member is 18, just as was the minimum age for joining the Army in WWII.

Q:  What would I be doing?
A:  As a member, your duties will vary.  Part of the application process gives us an idea of your skills and interests, which will be used to determine what kind of duty assignment you'll receive.  Typically your duties will include maintenance of the artillery and equipment, maintenance of the barracks, and restoration of artifacts and structures on the post.  As a member you will also be required to attend monthly drill weekends.  Attendance at post on weekends and events will count toward your overall progress with the unit.

Q:  What other requirements do you have?
A:  In addition to meeting the minimum uniform requirements within one year of application approval, you will need to maintain proper military appearance and bearing while in uniform.  This means being clean shaven or wearing facial hair in an approved manner, keeping your hair cut to regulation, and wearing your uniform according to unit regs.

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