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Battalion Administrative (S-1) Officer

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Personnel Data
Name: Anthony Valenti
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Home Town: Lewes, Delaware
Occupation: SPC, United States Army, Delaware ARNG
Member Since: 15 September 2011

On 16 March 2013, Anthony Valenti was commissioned as the 261st Coast Artillery's Administrative Officer (AO). He is responsible for the maintenance of the unit's rosters, the unit members' records, and acts as the first point of contact for major events run by HQ's Battery.  LT Valenti is also responsible for processing mileage vouchers, and tracking member accountability for all 261st events. 

As the AO, LT Valenti was instrumental in revolutionizing the 261st's file system, implementing an open source infrastructure so that the command team could better process administrative tasks.  His system also made updating unit files and resources easier, which greatly sped the process of getting the most up-to-date information to the membership. 

LT Anthony Valenti

United States Army
Valenti enlisted in the Delaware Army National Guard on 16 March 2012 as a 25Q (Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator/Maintainer). He graduated Basic Combat Training from Fort Jackson, South Carolina on 23 August 2012.  He is assigned to Company A, 198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, the same unit as Rogers and Wallen.

Fort Miles & the 261st Coast Artillery
Lieutenant Valenti was born in Lewes, DE in 1994, growing up just down the road from Fort Miles.  As he was becoming more interested in World War II, and the history of his hometown, he talked to his friend Captain Wallen, who is the current Battalion Executive Officer at Fort Miles.  After taking a tour, he instantly fell in love with the fort. Wanting to take part in the restoration of Battery 519, Valenti joined the 261st Coast Artillery on 15 September 2011.  He was appointed to Company Clerk shortly after, and promoted to Private First Class.  As Company Clerk, Valenti was responsible for the in-processing and out-processing of unit members at events, and maintaining records of all personnel.  After helping to create new documents, and a brand new filing system for the Fort Miles volunteer database, Valenti was promoted to Technician, Fifth Grade.  In September 2012, Valenti applied for the position of Range Officer, wanting to have more of an impact within the unit.  Upon gaining the position, he was promoted to Officer Candidate.  Valenti completed his Officer Candidate training on 15 March 2013 and accepted his commission as Range Officer on 16 March 2013.  He was appointed as the Administrative Officer when the battery was redesignated Headquarters, 261CA SEP BN on 27 January 2014. 

Personal Info
When not at Fort Miles, LT Valenti attends college at the University of Delaware. He is pursuing a degree in Psychology. Valenti frequents the shooting range, firing anything from a P08 Luger, to his 1917 Enfield.  He loves attending any reenactment event he can get to, and collecting WWII artifacts, including field desks and fountain pens.  He also has a corgi, named Quinn.

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