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Battalion Chaplain

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Personnel Data
Name: Michael Hills
Rank: Captain
Home Town: Lincoln, Delaware
Occupation: Delaware Transit / Paratransit Specialist
Member Since: 23 February 2012

Life / Family
Mike is the youngest of three children. He attended school at Christian Tabernacle Academy in Lincoln, DE, graduating in 1986. He went on to further his education in 1987-88 by earning an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Delaware Tech . He also interned as a dispatcher at the 911 call center in Rehoboth Beach, DE while also working part time for Satterfield & Ryan Electrical Contractors doing commercial and high voltage installations. After taking a year off to work full time with S & R, he returned to school in 1989 earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology, but also studied Bible at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, graduating in 1991.

After coming home from college, Mike went back working full time at S & R and eventually met his future wife Tina, and after a two year courtship were married in 1993. In 1996, they started their family with the arrival of their son, Kaleb ( also 261st ) and then in 2002 they were blessed with their daughter Jordyn.

Chaplain (Captain) Michael Hills

Mike, choosing not to follow a career in law enforcement, rather followed in is father’s footsteps and started a seventeen year career in the trucking industry and was a Union Steward for four years. In 2009, Mike was hired at Delaware Transit ( DART ) as a Paratransit Specialist and is currently working with and transporting special needs clients throughout Sussex County.

Fort Miles
In April 2011, Mike heard an advertisement on the radio about an upcoming event at Fort Miles and its relationship with WWII. He decided to investigate it for himself because of his lifelong interest in WWII history and since he had never been to the state park in Lewes. Mike had only heard his fathers stories that Fort had been a Military training site where his dad had trained with towed artillery pieces while serving with the Delaware Army National Guard in the 50’s, but had failed to mentioned anything about it being from the Second World War. Mike, along with his Dad, son and a co-worker went to the event and after talking with several volunteers, he found a wealth of WWII history in his own back yard that he knew nothing about . Within the next two weeks, he had joined the Fort Miles Historical Association and became an active member with the restoration efforts of the Fort Miles Historical Museum at Battery 519, eventually becoming one of the “Bunker Busters”. He also started his in depth study of the web page (,) putting it in notebook form, and using it as a study guide. He later had the privilege of meeting the Fort's historian, Mike Rogers, along with park interpreter Tim Resch. Mike was allowed to tag along on the tours that they were conducting to learn as much as he could about the Fort. After many tours and hundreds of questions, Mike developed a desire in helping conduct these tours and before long became one of the regular interpreters. He went on to design his own program on the U-boat war in the Atlantic which he conducts at local libraries and other venues. Mike sees his involvement at Fort Miles as a continuation of his family history do to his Grandfather and Uncle both serving there during the Second World War.

The Fort gets a Chaplain
After overhearing a discussion from several Staff members of the 261st about their desire for a Chaplain, Mike thought about his background in Bible, interest in the military, and the opportunity to be a part of this top notch unit, decided to volunteer for the position. On Feb 23, 2012, Mike was commissioned as First Lieutenant, and on July 2, 2014 was promoted to the rank of Captain. As Chaplain of the 261st Coast Artillery, he now conducts chapel services during unit events and assists with event planning. Because of his firm belief in the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ, Mike sees this not only as an opportunity to take part in living history with the 261st, but also to share God's word and to be an encouragement to the men, much like the Army Chaplains did during the Second World War.

Personal Life
When not at work or doing things with the Fort, Mike enjoys grilling outdoors, hunting, woodworking, model building, watching WWII documentaries or reading books on the same, but most of all enjoys spending time with his family. He is a member of the Independent Bible Fellowship Church in Harrington, DE were he sits on the Missionary Board and also helps with sound room operations during church services.

Chaps Life Verse
Romans 10:13-15

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