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Seacoast Master Mechanic

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Personnel Data
Name: Tim Resch
Rank: Warrant Officer, Junior Grade
Home Town: Bear, Delaware
Occupation: HR Recruiter, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Member Since: April, 2006

Growing up Tim always had a fascination with World War II history and having a place in Delaware that was actually a significant part of World War II had a certain magnetism for Tim.  As a student in college, Tim wrote a paper on the transverse dunes at Cape Henlopen and stumbled across a number of bunkers and fortifications long forgotten in the sand.  Ever since then Tim has done everything he can to learn about and preserve the history of the Fort.

After completing his Bachelors Degree in History at the University of Delaware, Tim worked in the corporate world at AstraZeneca and found time to volunteer at Fort Miles on weekends.  After AstraZeneca, Tim worked for the AmeriCorps Program in the History Office in Dover for Delaware State Parks before transferring and accepting a position as Historical Interpreter at Fort Miles.


WOJG Tim Resch

After a number of years working at Fort Miles, Tim took a position with Exelon Generation (parent company of PECO) and spent a year as an HR Recruiter and Coordinator while working to complete his Masters degree in Organizational Effectiveness, Development & Change from the University of Delaware.  Tim now works as an HR Recruiter for Sikorsky Aircraft in Coatesville, PA.

Fort Miles and the 261st Coast Artillery

Itís been said that Tim came down to Fort Miles to visit and just never leftÖ  Tim joined a week after visiting one of the big special events and instantly fell in love with maintaining the many artillery pieces on display at Fort Miles.  Tim also stepped far out of his comfort zone regarding public speaking and started talking to small groups or taking portions of tours and explaining some of the weapons along the tour route; now Tim can accommodate tours of 30 or more people with different backgrounds and age groups and gets rave reviews from visitors.  Over past several years of Timís involvement with the Fort, he has risen through the ranks and is the Chief Artillery Mechanic for all pieces of heavy artillery at Fort Miles.  The U.S. Navy also considers Tim to be the Subject Matter Expert on the 3-inch, .50 caliber gun (5 pieces are on display currently at Fort Miles). .

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